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Transcaster Radio

Oct 6, 2020

Skyler Jay is a queer transgender activist, creative performer, and community keystone
with more than a decade of devoted influential work under his belt dating back to his
undergraduate time at the University of Georgia. In June of 2018, with the intention of bringing forth visibility for the Transmasculine community, Skyler shared his personal journey on Netflix’s Emmy award winning series, Queer
Eye. As the first Transgender person featured, he heartwarmingly entered households across
the globe, building a platform that he utilized to engage major news networks like NBC, NPR,
CBS and others to shed light onto the triumphs and struggles of being Transgender in America. You can follow his personal journey and keep up with his latest activism on instagram at @trans.ginger or visit his website at to review some of the latest press highlighting Skyler’s work in relation to transgender visibility, equality, and equity.